HMA Charter

HMA Charter


Hythe Marina is the premier marina on the South Coast.


Hythe Marina becomes the most sought after location to pursue a marine life style.


  • Protect the interests of its members
  • Maximise the effectiveness of MDL’s management of the marina
  • Protect its members against future risks
  • Promote social cohesion within the marina
  • Comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements


  • Maximise the value of properties within the marina
  • Ensure the marina is attractive to berth holders and visitors
  • Achieve the most favourable service charge for residents
  • Maintain an adequate reserve fund to avoid significant variations in future service charges
  • Maintain an HMA reserve to fund independent legal advice if necessary
  • Maintain the attractive appearance and good condition of the marina
  • Protect against external threats to the marina’s quality of life
  • Encourage commercial activities within the marina that are compatible with the HMA’s objectives
  • Forge closer relationships with the local community
  • Maintain effective communications with its members
  • Assist members in complying with their lease where appropriate


  • Regularly review MDLs budgets and their performance against them
  • Identify opportunities for MDL cost savings where possible
  • Provide constructive feedback to MDL on its management of the marina
  • Ensure berth holder facilities are fit for purpose
  • Establish a prioritised refurbishment programme with MDL
  • Undertake an infrastructure review every four years with MDL
  • Perform flood risk assessments every three years with MDL
  • Arrange varied social activities for its members
  • Issue an HMA newsletters to members on a quarterly basis
  • Maintain an effective website for the interest and benefit of members
  • Provide cost effective public liability insurance for member’s pontoons
  • Allow use of the Solent Dolphin room for HMA supported activities
  • Provide continued support to the Alison McGregor
  • Support the “Save Our Pier” group
  • Represent the interests of members against ABP’s port expansion plans
  • Promote HMA as an essential part of the community
  • Encourage members to volunteer their expertise to assist the HMA Board
  • Encourage members to join the HMA Board to ensure smooth succession of all roles
  • Leverage the provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 for the benefit of members